My New Pen

December 3rd, 2010

Last week I sent away for a new pen, and this afternoon it arrived. I have to admit it’s a real beauty. I purchased it through Ebay for a very reasonable price. The seller is located in Arizona and makes the pens by hand from exotic wood. Intrigued? Visit to see more of their work.

My new pen is not only beautiful, it’s also smooth as silk, warm to the touch, and perfectly balanced. It arrived with a never-before-used vintage metal nib that writes like a dream — cutting across the page like a knife through whipped cream. It beats my old pen (purchased on a whim from a chain book store that shall remain nameless) hollow.

Here’s the old pen — pretty and feminine, but scratchy and finicky.

Old Dip Pen

And here is my new beauty. If there were more public ink wells, I might be tempted to buy a few more of these and give up modern writing instruments entirely!

New Dip Pen

Now, if I could only find someone with whom to carry on a “real” correspondence. Heck, I’d even break out my old sealing wax and really do it up right.

“The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post”
George Bernard Shaw

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