An Update of Sorts

March 18th, 2012

I’m alive! Very much so in fact. But also very busy, finally moving into our new home. If you’re curious, visit Bungalowing on Tumblr for daily pictures of our progress.


Yes, I have been hammering in a ballgown. Why not?

Among other changes in my life, I am also broadening my horizons beyond the 1850s. Those of you who pay attention to your address bar may have noticed that this blog is now located at The “theme” of the site will very soon be updated to match my burgeoning aesthetic as well.

More soon!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh, that’s so pretty. What is it made of? I mean, the gown, of course! I am so excited that you have a Tumblr for your house. Also, that you are expanding beyond the 1850s! As you know I am a New Woman of the Gay 90s with my bicycle, Bartitsu, and Bloomer costumes. Not to mention Balloon sleeves. It’s quite carefree so a mid-century lass will feel at home (things got rather buttoned-up between the respective eras) Can’t wait to see the new theme and the house progress…

    • eva says:

      Thanks! It’s some polyester mess that I used as a dress up when just a wee girl. I too am glad to begin embracing a wider array of eras. Why limit yourself!

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