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June 22nd, 2012

UPDATE — July 1, 2012: As my self-loathing mellows, I have begun to reassemble some of the missing photos.

Oops. I just changed the location of my blog again (check your address bar). And I forgot to download my uploads before I uploaded them. Does that make any sense?

It means that all the pictures I’ve included in posts since the beginning of April are now gone forever. This is quite sad as I didn’t bother to save any of them on my hard drive, figuring that a copy on the server was good enough until I got around to running the next back up. You can see how well that plan worked. And there was a glitch in the server’s back up, so there’s really no way to get them back.

On the other hand, most of my posts lately have been dull and insipid, so it’s rather fitting that they lose their images and therefore become truly irrelevant. I’d delete them to hide my shame, but that seems like too much effort.


  • Rachel says:

    I absolutely love the new layout! Too bad about the photos but you’ll take some more, I am sure!

    • eva says:

      Thanks!! I plan to retake many of the missing photos. Since it was recent, I still have most of the stuff I was writing about. There are even a few photos that were saved elsewhere on my computer, so that will be fairly easy to recreate. I just feel such an idiot for being so hasty…

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