Go West, Young Woman

June 1st, 2012

And so I went.

Here I am, before I left, standing under the Washington Square Arch in Greenwich Village. I’m wearing an old prairie schooner smock with pinafore and bonnet, perfect duds for pioneering. The jeans and the sneakers may not be authentic, but they’re decidedly practical. Willa Cather would surely approve.

Under the arch

What’s that you say? I could be standing in front of any large marble structure? How can I expect you to believe I really posed under the Washington Square Arch wearing such a ridiculous outfit?

Washington Square Arch

Well this ought to prove it.

With fondest regards to the dear friend who took these pictures on my very last day in New York City…

  • Zoh says:

    You are missed back in the east! Though we are enjoying the pictures of your amazing bungalow-restoration progress, etc 🙂

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