Things You Missed

December 1st, 2010

A lot happened while this site was out of commission…

I attended the Nineteenth Century Pub Crawl on Saturday, October 2. Period dress was encouraged, so I wore my one and only (to date) 1850s dress with assorted undergarments. The corset was especially ill-fitting, and by the second bar (Swift Hibernian Lounge), I was in grave discomfort. So I stripped.

Eva in a Coffin

No, I didn’t die. I just staged my own postmortem photograph at the exhibit I curated with The Burns Archive — Memento Mori: The Birth & Resurrection of Postmortem Photography. Check out these reviews of the exhibit. We also celebrated the release of Sleeping Beauty III Memorial Photography: The Children.

And on Sunday, October 24, I led a recreation of an 1865 funeral for the Merchant’s House Museum. We began with a lecture and service at the House, and then carried the coffin through the streets to the New York City Marble Cemetery, where this picture was taken by the ever-talented Stephanie Swinton.

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