Labor Day Dress

September 6th, 2012

I was so busy researching early political and economic controversies surrounding Labor Day that I forgot to tell you what I wore.

First, I should explain that we attended a Labor Day Picnic & Bingo game, with a 1950s theme. Everyone brought mid-20th century Americana food, and many dressed the part as well. I wore my Jiffy Shift dress. Technically it’s a 1960 pattern, but I think the cinched waist (courtesy Gram’s black belt) and awful fabric (courtesy local thrift shop) count as late 50s influence?

Jiffy Shift

And I should also explain that the picture was taken at a rather strange angle — and that I curled the wisps that always escape around my face into bangs, which looked awful and necessitated the cutting off of my head for the protection of posterity. The shoes are definitely not 1950s style, but they ARE Keds, and they did match the dress…

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