Legs O’ My Drawers

December 31st, 2010

I found I was unable to abstain from sewing for an entire day, so this afternoon, while my conscience was taking a nap, I finished the edging on my drawers.

Edging for Drawers

Now all that remains is to cut and attach the waistband, complete with button. I’m going to stick to the basics as laid out in the Workwoman’s Guide and make a straight waistband. I think I may try a yoke on my next pair though, a la Godey’s 1850s.

In other news, I have despaired of finding time to visit Steinlauf & Stoller in person (ridiculous, as I live less than 2 miles from the store, but their hours are weekday only) and decided to order the steel for my busk and other findings needed to complete my stays from Lacis. I also ordered three different sizes of coton a broder, which seems to be the preferred thread for Broderie Anglaise embroidery.

Now back to my New Year’s resolutions and all the elegant entertainments we have planned for this evening. Should old acquaintance be forgot? I should say not!

  • Zoh says:

    I love them! Cant’ wait to see the finished garment — and in a size that fits a modern human torso also (a.k.a someone over 5′ tall 🙂

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