Kestos-esque: Version II

July 24th, 2012

Last night I finished sewing the straps onto my latest 1930s-style brassiere. It’s made from another reclaimed sheet, this one with a slightly looser, textured weave. I had just enough purple bias left to eke out binding and shoulder straps. And of course, it features the embroidered motifs I showed you last week.

Embroidered Brassiere

This iteration includes a few modifications from the initial version. I shifted the triangle shape ever so slightly to eliminate wrinkling under the arms. That area does lay much more flatly now, however the pattern shift also removed some of the garment’s width around the bottom, changing where the shoulder strap attaches in back. It still fits, but barely. So I’ve made a third pattern with some of the width, but not the wrinkles, added back in.

Other changes include bringing the bust points slightly closer together (another factor which reduced the overall width) and eliminating the button tabs, simply sewing the buttons onto the bottom of each cup.

Version III coming up…

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