They Fit!

December 26th, 2010

I finished setting the grommets in my stays yesterday afternoon (do you know a better way to spend Christmas?). And I am delighted to report that THEY FIT! Take no notice of the wrinkling — aside from the zip ties surrounding the lacing holes, the stays are still completely un-boned.

Stay Lacing

Here you can see the spiral lacing up the back, with just the right amount of spring. Since the front was only pinned together, I didn’t even try to tighten them. I may change one or two things on the final pattern — the front stomach gussets are a little wider than strictly necessary (and kick out just a bit, though most of it is filled in by the skirt of my chemise), and I don’t think the bottom shape in the front is very graceful. You can’t see it in this picture, but it just cuts straight across, rather than sloping to a point in the middle as the back does.

Neither is worth changing on this particular pair of stays however, as they won’t affect the fit, which is what I am trying to determine. I shall simply note the changes for the next go round.

Since it is unlikely that I will be able to shop for a metal busk or twill tape (for bone channels) anytime in the next few days, I must reluctantly postpone any further work on my stays. Back to my embroidered petticoat frill I guess. Or maybe I will cut out some new — and greatly needed — drawers.

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