Studio (18)54

March 16th, 2011

I hope you’ll excuse this extreme departure from my chosen decade, but I ran across these pictures over the weekend and couldn’t resist sharing.

Last year I helped organize a disco-themed benefit party for the historic house museum where I work, and decided that I simply had to wear something by Halston. Well, at least something inspired by Halston (I usually blow my clothing budget on fabric and notions for 19th-century projects — not vintage evening gowns from the 1970s).

Halston Dress

The simplicity of this classic Halston infinity dress piqued my interest. It also seemed reasonably easy to make, which it was, once I figured out that the straps had to be lined and curved…

My "Halston"

And here’s the dress I made. Complete with spangly silver costume jewelry, and leather platform sandals. Too bad I never learned to do the Hustle.