It’s Here!

August 2nd, 2011

The mail on Monday brought a grand surprise — well, not exactly a surprise since I placed the order myself last Thursday. But that didn’t diminish the thrill with which I tore open the box!

Crinoline Kit

Yes, it’s the Wooded Hamlet cage crinoline kit. I am terrified to assemble it, but also eager to get my hands on those deliciously slender watch-spring steels. They’ve really done an admirable job reproducing the materials — from the steel to the pocketed tapes to the tiny metal findings that hold it all together. I have an original early 1860s cage that I purchased on Ebay for a song a few years back (they had it listed as something else entirely) so have been able to make up close comparisons. That reminds me…I should bring my original cage home from where it’s stashed and take some detailed photos to share with you.

Until then, you’ll find me with the 9 inch pliers, assembling my new cage crinoline. Advice from anyone who has already done this very much appreciated! And to my dear friend who may get one too — do it! And we’ll assemble them together.

Last but not least, a hearty vote of thanks to mater and pater, who provided the funds for this extravagance on the occasion of my last birthday.