Returning the Compliment

September 24th, 2011

Sometimes I labor under a false sense of privacy, that no one but my dear friend Z. ever reads my ramblings (she mentions things I write about from time to time in casual conversation, to my eternal delight). But every once in a while I am reminded that there is a whole world out there, and a few of you actually end up here, because you searched for something I mentioned, or because you actually tried to find me. I’m always incredibly flattered to receive comments on my posts, or to meet someone in person who’s read me online.

Last week, I noticed that a number of hits were coming through a web site I’d never heard of. So of course I visited, and found an amazing treasure trove of beautiful paper dolls. Turns out, the author of Paper Thin Personas discovered Circa 1850 on her own, and even mentioned it in one of her posts. I’m so glad she did, because now I know about her blog. And I look forward to following the adventures of her current and archived paper dolls. Click on the preview below to visit her site.

Paperthin Screen Shot

Her dolls and their costumes span a wide range of times, cultures, and inspirations. She even drew a doll called “Florence of the 1870s.” Now that’s inspired! But do poke around — she’s got lots of darling and fashionable ladies to print and cut out, including directions for making magnetic paper dolls, which I intend to follow on my first free afternoon (projected for sometime in 2014).