March 29th, 2013

Waiting for my latest yarn order to arrive at the post office is like watching for the Wells Fargo Wagon of yore.

Today, at long last, it came.

Knit Picks Box

It didn’t take long for me to attack the box with a pair of scissors, revealing the soft, colorful bounty within.


You can mostly just see the sock yarn in this picture. The two on the left, “Fire Fighter” and “Rainbow” are destined for my husband’s increasingly jaunty toes. The colorway on the far right, “Tiki,” is up for grabs if he wants it too, but “Country Fair” below is all mine! Underneath, you can catch just a peek of the alpaca portion of the order. It’s for my long-awaited (or long-promised might be more accurate) Autumn/Winter collection. Trick is, don’t specify the year. So you can always say, why yes, I meant all along that this was to be Autumn/Winter 2013. Or do I mean Spring/Summer 2014…

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