Drowning in Thread

September 20th, 2012

I think I mentioned recently that I’ve been cleaning and sorting out my studio; tackling the gargantuan task of integrating my own stash with tools and materials from a number of other sources, including my mother’s attic (stash overflow from the past decade or so), my grandmother’s sewing/weaving/spinning/knitting room, and from a number of dear friends who have been kind enough to bestow a variety of irresistible goodies upon me.

Here, for example, is a wooden expanding (in more ways than one) box of embroidery threads.

Embroidery Thread Box

The darling box was a gift from a lovely friend and neighbor, and it came filled with quite a few skeins of stranded cotton floss and perle. To this I added my own carded floss, skeined ombre floss, and silk thread packets. There’s also a little box of antique metallic threads (another gift) and a nearly full box of white floss for broderie anglaise. Then I put in my grandmother’s embroidery thread, both cotton and silk. And a batch from yet another friend. You don’t see them in this picture, but I’ve since added a handful of silk needlepoint thread skeins. And then there’s my whole supply of coton a broder that has yet to turn up…

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