Wool Winder

July 3rd, 2012

Meet my new best friend.

Wool Winder

I’d always laughed (albeit with a touch of the sour grape) at mechanical wool winders. What a lazy person who won’t make their own balls of yarn. Then I inherited this one, amongst a vast store of needlework tools from my grandmother, and I suddenly see the light. In seconds, a messy skein becomes a perfectly wrapped unit — better than a ball. The tension is perfectly controlled, as is the shape and placement of each overlapping strand.


  • tracey says:

    My yarn swift ( http://www.knitpicks.com/Umbrella+Swift_AD80083.html ) is one of my best friends! I want a ball winder but I am holding out for something beautiful.
    I have a new website with a friend about our crafty adventures, check it out:


    • eva says:

      I have eyed that swift through many issues of the Knit Picks catalogue…I don’t really knit enough to justify buying any more equipment, but I certainly enjoy it when it comes my way by chance, case in point, the wool winder. Or the mountain of needles I’ve just inherited as well ;-).

      Thanks for sharing the link to your site — I just had a lovely browse and will look forward to checking back again soon. Your knitted Chuppah is particularly amazing, and so beautiful!

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